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Stipat is a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (P2P CDN) for high-quality streaming. We have built a peer-assisted network that integrates seamlessly with existing edger server in fracture, while dramatically improving its performance-creating the Ultimate Multi-CDN

What We’re Best At

Fraud Detection

Using our proprietary IP investigation technique we’re able to detect 99.9% of non-human traffic in real time

Server Offloading

Reduce video streaming CDN bandwidth by up to 98% with our P2P live streaming CDN

Longer Sessions

Viewers watch streams for longer with our P2P video CDN than they do without it

Faster Streaming

Videos load faster and rebuffer less when using our CDN

Scalable Streaming

Expand server capacity by up to x50 during live streaming events

Stipat in Numbers

Happy Customers
Monthly Served Impressions (Millions)
Unique Users per Month (Millions)
Servers fired due to our tech


Stipat is a YI Media Inc Company Located at: Ibn Gabirol 30, Tel Aviv, Israel

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